VIEWMAX Photonics Corporation

2010—In the early stage, it mainly focused on LED strips, lighting strings, subtitle machines, etc.

2011—LED lamps, lamps, TV walls (participated in various government tenders), plant growth lights including systems (developed in cooperation with Finnish companies)

2013—LED advertising light boxes, thin light boxes, three-dimensional characters, super characters, etc.

Provide access and promoters for the use of related LED products

It mainly sells and promotes all kinds of LED light strips, LED thin light boxes, LED advertising billboards and other LED related products.

The self-owned factory has ultra-clean, anti-static factories, and strictly follows the ISO9001 international quality management system to organize production and operation management. At the same time, the upstream and downstream of LED related industries can be connected in series, which can strictly control the quality of core luminescent materials, and can also meet the personalized design and requirements of different customers. To achieve the characteristics of stable quality, long life, power saving, low cost, easy installation, etc., with the operation of its own brand, it is expected to become the world's first LED channel retailer.